Bleed control kit added to town defibrillator cabinet

Evesham Town Council has added a Bleed Control Kit alongside the Market Square defibrillator located within the former telephone box in the corner between the Red Lion and Orto Lounge.

The bleed control kit is stored within the same cabinet as the defibrillator, and can be accessed using the same code, obtainable by dialling 999.

The bleed control kit was donated by West Midlands Ambulance Service as part of an ongoing process to ensure that life-saving equipment is readily available. The kit was produced in association with the Daniel Baird Foundation, which supports the installation of public bleed control kits across the West Midlands.

Bleed control kits provide a valuable resource that can reduce blood loss following any kind of serious injury including road accidents, accidents at work and knife crime.

Pictured: Councillor Mark Goodge, Mayor of Evesham, with Tim Cronin, WMAS Community Response Project Manager.