Consultation on the Almonry Restoration Project

Consultation on the Almonry Restoration Project

Consultation on the Almonry Museum restoration project

The Town Council is consulting on the funding of major restoration works to its Almonry Museum.

To find out more about the Restoration Project and reasons behind it, follow the link below to the Almonry Museum’s website.

The Almonry Restoration Project

The council has applied for £2.1M from the Museum Estate and Development Fund (MEND) to fund the repair and restoration of the Almonry building. For further information on the fund itself, which is administered by the Arts Council, please follow the link below.

Museum Estate and Development Fund Round 3

To secure the MEND funds, the council is required to put forward 10% of the cost, and wishes to apply for a loan of £160,000 over 20 – 25 years to contribute towards this. Additional funds will be provided from the council’s reserves. The loan repayments will be approximately £12,000 per year. The addition of loan repayments would increase Band D council tax by 73p per year (6p per month) independent of the council’s other costs.

The council is seeking residents’ support for the proposal. A link to the survey can be found further down this page.


What are the alternatives?

The Grade I Listed Almonry building must be restored and options are limited. Without the MEND grant funding, restoration would have to take place over a much longer timescale and be funded from council tax and any other grants the council can identify to apply for. Given the urgent nature of the work, the council believes the MEND fund plus the council’s matchfund contribution offers the quickest and best value to residents to get the Almonry back to health.


Take part in the survey

Your feedback is crucial in helping us make informed decisions that represent the interests of our residents. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Your responses will be kept confidential, and only aggregated data will be used for analysis. The deadline for responses is midnight on the 31st March 2024.

To take part in the survey please click below:

Take the survey online

For a downloadable pdf, please click below

The Almonry Restoration Project – Consultation form


To find out more information on the council’s applications to the MEND fund, please click here.