Grants to local organisations

Grants to local organisations

Evesham Town Council allocates a sum of money each year to distribute in small grants to local clubs, organisations and charities.

There is a broad qualifying criteria to apply for a grant and the Council will consider paying for general running costs as well as capital expenditure. However, there is a limited budget and most years applications total almost double the amount available. So please bear this in mind when considering how much you want to apply for. It is common that an award is made but not the full amount requested. It may also be that despite meeting the criteria, no award is made at all.

The two main criteria for grant eligibility are:

  • The project supported by grant funding must be for the benefit of Evesham residents. This is interpreted broadly and includes temporary residents such as students, seasonal workers, refugees, etc, but not holidaymakers or other visitors.
  • The applicant must be an organisation with a bank account in its own name (or funds held on its behalf by a parent body with a bank account in its own name). Grants cannot be made to individuals or paid into personal bank accounts.

It isn’t necesary for the organisation itself to be based in Evesham, so long as the grant funding will only be used to support the organisation’s work in Evesham.

There are some things that are not eligible for a Local Organisation grant. These include

  • Activities/projects taking place outside Evesham unless there is a clear demonstrable benefit to Evesham residents.
  • Activities/projects that have already taken place.
  • Where the beneficiary is one person or family.
  • One off events (we have a separate process for supporting events and festivals, please speak to the office for more details).

If in doubt, please contact us for more guidance on what is likely to be accepted.

Grants are made annually and an organisation may only apply once per year.

If you are interested in applying for a grant, please download a form from this website or contact the office for more information about eligibility and the grant application process.