Twyford Ward

Twyford Ward

Twyford ward covers Greenhill, Worcester Road and everything north of the railway line, as well as The Rynal.

Your Twyford ward councillors

Twyford ward is represented by two members.

Streets covered include

  • High Street north of Swan Lane (east side only)
  • Leicester Grove
  • Rynal Street
    • The Hodges
  • Rynal Place
  • Swan Lane (north side only)
    • Conduit Hill
    • Common Road (north side only)
  • Worcester Road
    • Briar Close (as far as the railway)
    • Goodalls Grove
  • Greenhill (as far as Blayneys Lane)
    • Cambria Road
    • Victoria Avenue
      • Windsor Road
      • Princess Road
      • Balmoral Close
      • Greenavon Close
    • Greenhill Gardens
    • Croft Road
      • Lanesfield park
    • Collinsfield
    • Fernbank
    • Greenhill Terrace
    • Greenhill park Road
      • Prince Henrys Close
      • Prince Edwards Close
    • Simon de Montfort Drive
    • Abbotsway