Town Council Meeting Schedule

Town Council Meeting Schedule

Meetings are normally only added to the Meetings Calendar when they have been provisionally scheduled. The purpose of this page is to give an indication of when you can expect meetings to be scheduled.

You can also download the Provisional Meeting Schedule as a PDF document.

All Full Council and Standing Committee meetings take place in the Council Chamber at 6.30pm on a Monday unless stated otherwise in the agenda. If the Monday is a bank holiday then the meeting will usually be scheduled for the Tuesday instead.

All Full Council and Standing Committee meetings are open to the public, other than for specific agenda items when it is necessary to discuss them in confidential session. Any confidential items will be indicated on the agenda.

All meeting dates and times are provisional until confirmed by the issuing of the agenda.

Full Council

Ordinary monthly meetings of Evesham Town Council take place on the second Monday of every month, with the following exceptions:

  • August – no full council meeting.
  • December – no full council meeting.
  • May – Annual Council meeting (Mayor Making) takes place and there is no Ordinary Full Council.
  • When the second Monday is a bank holiday, in which case the council meeting is postponed to the next working day.

Additional Extraordinary Full Council meetings may be scheduled as necessary.

Standing Committees

Planning and Estates Committee meets every third Monday, with the following exceptions:

  • When this would clash with Full Council, in which case Planning and Estates does not meet and, instead, Planning items are included in the Full Council agenda.
  • When Monday is a bank holiday, in which case Planning and Estates meets on the next working day.

Finance and General Purposes Committee meets four times a year, typically in June, September, December and February. Additional meetings may be scheduled as necessary. The February Finance Committee is usually dedicated to budget setting, and may be split over two or more separate sessions.

Town Plan Delivery Committee meets five times a year, typically in July, September, November, January and March. Additional meetings may be scheduled as necessary.

Personnel Committee meets as required, as the workload is entirely dependent on other factors. The provisional schedule for 2023/2024 includes draft dates for Personnel Committee, but these are more likely than the other standing committees to be changed. Please refer to the meetings calendar for the current schedule.

Special Meetings

Annual Council takes place in May, and is split into two sessions: the ceremonial Mayor Making which takes place in the Main Hall of the Town Hall and is on the second or third Monday of May, and a second session of administrative matters which is held in the Council Chamber and takes place on the Monday immediately following Mayor Making.

The Annual Town Meeting normally takes place in April.