Further information on Evesham Town Council’s actions during the period of national mourning

Following the completion of the Accession Proclamation yesterday, Evesham Town Council will continue to observe the period of national mourning for the late Queen Elizabeth II in accordance with government guidelines.

The Almonry Museum has now re-opened and will remain open as normal this week. The Book of Condolence located in the Almonry remains open to visitors during opening hours until 5pm on Tuesday 20th September.

A second Book of Condolence has now been opened in Wallace House Community Centre and will be available during normal opening hours until 5pm Friday 16th September. This is particularly intended to serve members of the community who find the Almonry difficult to access.

The Evesham Town Council office is now open and will remain open during normal working hours this week. The office will be closed on the day of Her Majesty’s funeral on Monday 19th September.

The bunting put up for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is being removed today. This is in line with guidance that the Union Flag should be at half mast during the period of mourning, and should not be displayed at all if it is not possible to fly it at half mast. The display of Union Flag bunting is therefore inappropriate during the period of mourning, so it is being removed at the first practical opportunity.